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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photos of New Upper School Staff and Teachers

PRIVATE OFFICE? -- Dean Davis welcomes student
to new office, artfully hiding fact that initially he had
to share it. (Photo by Lucia Landivar)

GETTING A BANG OUT OF THINGS -- Music teacher Blake  Panting says
that so far he has (mostly) enjoyed Santa Cruz. (Photo by Nicolas Aguirre)

CLOSE READING -- English department head Jason
Hershberger wants students to do more reading.
(Photo by Ximena Fagan)

OFFERING SOME ADVICE -- AP English and drama teacher Lukus Brody (l)
works with unidentified student on writing. (Photo by Nicolas Handal) 

NEW WAYS OF LOOKING BACK -- History teacher Greg Johnson wants
students to learn different historical perspectives. (Photo by Ximena Fagan)

BIOLOGY IS HER BUSINESS -- Katie Johnson was a standout athlete during
her undergraduate days. (Photo by Andrea Gutierrez)

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